CrossFit 9.12.17


On 9/16 we will be holding our Community Workout at The Trailhead at 11:00am. Bring your kids! We will also be hosting a CrossFit Kids class as well, also at 11:00am. Everyone is invited! Come show the community what CFPC is all about and enjoy a change of scenery!

CFPC – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Down and Backs

1a) Lunge and stretch

1b) High knees

2a) Butt kicks

2b) Spiderman lunge

3a) High kicks

3b) Quad pull

3 rounds:

10 Squat jumps

6 Good mornings (barbell)

10 Hollow rocks

15 Double unders/attempts

Prepare deadlift weight for metcon. Build up to it and perform a couple reps prior to starting.


Metcon (Time)

1 mile Run


5 rounds:

6 Deadlift (275/185#)

24 Sit-ups

48 Double unders

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