CrossFit 8.29.16


Final week of Gymnastics cycle! (6 of 6) We will test again for strict pull-ups, kipping pull-ups and for levels 4/5 ring muscle-ups on Friday or you can come in to re-test Saturday during open gym (10:30-12)

Reid is back and excited to see everyone! =D

CFPC – CrossFit


Everything Warm-up (No Measure)

3 rounds of 10 reps of:

Spiderman Lunge (20 sec/side, 1 time)

Overhead Squat with PVC


Back-extensions or Supermans

Pull-ups or Ring rows

Hand Release Push-ups


Ring Dips

L1- (Feet assisted box dips): Complete 3 x 8-12 Box dips w/ :90 sec rest, then 3 x 8-12 Push-ups at hardest possible difficulty

L2- (8 dips with feet on bench and 45/25# on thighs): 12-15 box dips w/ feet on bench, rest 2 min, 9-12 reps, 2 min rest, 5-8 reps

L3- (3-5 Strict bar dips): 5 x 1-3 Strict ring dips as low as possible, then 3:00 min AMRAP kipping bar dips

L4- (5 strict ring dips): 3 x 5-8 weighted strict ring dips, then 2 sets of ME kipping ring dips- 2 min btwn sets

L5- (8-10 strict ring dips): find your 10 rep max ring dip (+from last time), then 3 sets of ME kipping ring dips


Spend 5-10 min warming up for metcon (calf/hamstring stretches and light reps of G2O)

Metcon (Time)


Ground to overhead


400m Run to finish each round

Rx+=115/75# and Chest to bar

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