CrossFit 12.4.17

CFPC – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 rounds:

10 Ring rows

10 Kipp swing

10 perfect PVC Back squats

:30-45 sec handstand hold

Spiderman Lunge hold, 1 min/leg

Pigeon stretch, 1 min/leg

PVC Front rack stretch, :30 sec/arm

10 Leg swings/direction


4 min to Warm-up back squats


Back Squat (3 sets of 8 @~70%, rest 3 min)

Strength maintenance weight.

Same weight for all 3 sets.

Not necessarily looking for PRs, just maintaining strength over the next 3 weeks of testing.


Scale pull-ups appropriately. Utilize banded pull-ups or ring rows. Aim to achieve each round of pull-ups in 4 or fewer sets.

Lynchpin Test 1 (Time)

400m Run

“Fran” (75/55#)

400m Run


400m Run

24 min CAP

Fran= 21-15-9



**Be thorough when recording your results, scaling used and how you felt (sleep, diet, hydration).

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