CrossFit 10.7.15

CFPC – CrossFit


Down and Backs (No Measure)

200m Run or 250m Row


1) High knees

2) Butt kickers

3a) Lunge stretch- 3 sec hold

3b) 5 Inch worms- 3 pushups

4a) High kick march

4b) Spiderman- lunge and hold

5) Side shuffle (stay low)

6) Karaoke


Begin with toes behind line-

Jump as far as possible, measure heel shortest distance from line.

3 Max attempts.

Broad Jump (3 attempts, rest :90 sec btwn attempts)

Stand and jump as far as possible. Measure landed spot of back heel. Cannot fall forward or back.
Reps=Inches for recording sake


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:

15 Lunge steps

12 Deadlift

9 Hang power clean

6 Front squats

Completed at 40% FS 1RM

15 min CAP