CrossFit 10.24.16

CFPC – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Discuss WOD

—Practice perfect reps on Clean and Jerk, adjust weight accordingly- empty barbell if necessary. Beginners; Hang power clean+Front squat+Push Jerk. Advanced; Squat Clean and Split Jerk.

Back squat- Focus on loading heavy with FULL depth. Keep heels flat, knees out/hips open and chest tall.

Generic Warm-up

2 rounds:

2 min Row

10-15 Push-ups

10 average height box jumps

Grab a barbell and begin with:

5 Hang power clean+

5 Front squat+

5 Hang Squat clean+

5 Shoulder press+

5 Push Press+

5 Split jerk

(4 minutes) Prepare load for EMOM


Complete: 10 min EMOM of Clean and Jerks, 3 reps @70-75%

Rest/Set-up, then;

Perform: 6 sets of 4 Back Squat @75-85%, rest 2 min btwn sets

A: Clean and Jerk (10 min EMOM, 3 reps)

B: Back Squat (6 sets of 4, 2 min rest btwn sets)