CrossFit 10.19.15


Gymnastics Seminar Saturday, (10/31) 5 hours of skills and progressions to help you succeed with pull-ups, handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, pistols etc. Sign-up now before its too late!

CFPC – CrossFit


(No Measure)

3 Rounds:

10 PVC Overhead squats

10 close grip Kipp swings

10 Push-ups

12 Heavy Russian swings


Circle up- PVC Positioning and Walk through of Cleans w/ a pause


2 Pause Power Cleans every :90 sec for 12 min.

(8 sets)

Begin with clean liftoff, pause below the knee for 2 sec, pause above the knee for 2 sec and finish the clean. Drop and repeat for 2nd rep.

Power Clean


Diane (Time)

Deadlifts, 225# / 155#
Handstand Push-ups
8 min CAP

Use no more than 60% max Deadlift.

HSPU should be scaled with 1 abmat, 1 abmat on top of a 25# plate, as box edge HSPU or strict shoulder press. Record scaling used in comments.

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