LeanFit 7.25.16



L1- (Cannot perform a strict pull-up): Complete 3 x 8-12 Banded pull-ups, :90 sec rest, then accumulate 25 Ring Rows
L2- (Easy 1 Strict Pull-up): 3 min Kipp practice, then 5 min EMOM of max reps strict pull-ups
L3- (5/3 Unbroken strict pull-ups): 6 min EMOM 2-6 Strict Pull-ups, then 20 Kipping pull-ups AFAP
L4- (10/7 Strict or 20 kipping pull-ups): 4 min EMOM of :20 sec kipping pull-ups
L5- (30/20 UB Butterfly pull-ups): TABATA kipping Pull-ups


L1- (Feet assisted box dips): Complete 3 x 8-12 Box dips w/ :90 sec rest, then 3 x 8-12 Push-ups at hardest possible difficulty
L2- (8 dips with feet on bench and 45/25# on thighs): 12-15 box dips w/ feet on bench, rest 2 min, 9-12 reps, 2 min rest, 5-8 reps
L3- (3-5 Strict bar dips): 5 x 1-3 Strict ring dips as low as possible, then 2 min AMRAP kipping bar dips
L4- (5 strict ring dips): 3 x 4-7 weighted strict ring dips, then 2 sets of ME kipping ring dips- 2 min btwn sets
L5- (8-10 strict ring dips): find your 5 rep max ring dip, then 3 sets of ME kipping ring dips


Double TABATA, alternating working sets between:
a) Kettlebell swings
b) Burpees

I.e.- :40 KB swings, :20 sec rest, :40 sec Burpees, :20 sec rest for 8 min

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