CrossFit 8.15.16

CFPC – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

400m Jog

5 Inch-worms, 3 push-ups

15 Squat jumps

15 Close grip kipp swings

30 High knees

30 Butt kickers

4 Spring starts- start from push-up position

1:00 min Calf stretch/leg


Gymnastics Cycle (Pull-ups and dips) Week 4!

A: Pull-ups (L1-L4 record largest set and scale)

L1- (Cannot perform a strict pull-up): Complete 3 x 8-12 Banded pull-ups, :90 sec rest, then accumulate 25 Ring Rows, then accumulate 28 banded face-pulls

L2- (Easy 1 Strict Pull-up): 3 min Kipp practice, then 7 min EMOM of max reps strict pull-ups, accumulate 20 hollow rocks

L3- (5/3 Unbroken strict pull-ups): 7 min EMOM 3-7 Strict Pull-ups, then 25 Kipping pull-ups AFAP

L4- (10/7 Strict or 20 kipping pull-ups): 5 min EMOM of :20 sec kipping pull-ups, accumulate 30 Hollow rocks and 30 Supermans

L5- (30/20 UB Butterfly pull-ups): TABATA kipping Pull-ups, accumulate 30 hollow rocks

B: Ring Dips (L3-L5 record largest set completed)

L1- (Feet assisted box dips): Complete 3 x 8-12 Box dips w/ :90 sec rest, then 3 x 8-12 Push-ups at hardest possible difficulty

L2- (8 dips with feet on bench and 45/25# on thighs): 12-15 box dips w/ feet on bench, rest 2 min, 9-12 reps, 2 min rest, 5-8 reps

L3- (3-5 Strict bar dips): 5 x 1-3 Strict ring dips as low as possible, then 3:00 min AMRAP kipping bar dips

L4- (5 strict ring dips): 3 x 5-8 weighted strict ring dips, then 2 sets of ME kipping ring dips- 2 min btwn sets

L5- (8-10 strict ring dips): find your 5 rep max ring dip (+from last week), then 3 sets of ME kipping ring dips

L4-5: Weighted Ring dips

Ring dips with additional weight


Metcon (5 Rounds for distance)

5 Rounds:

:30 sec max distance shuttle run

2:00 min rest

In the courtyard, begin at one wall, run to the other, touch, and run back, touch. Repeat and cover as much distance as possible in :30 seconds. Each round is scored separately.

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