CrossFit 6.6.17


1st CFPC Athlete Course begins June 5th! Not your average Strength and Conditioning program, we will be working with Junior high and High school athletes for 8 weeks to prepare for the ’17-’18 season. Classes will be held MTTh from 2:30-4:00pm. Schedule is flexible, reduced session plans available. Contact [email protected] for details!
The next 3 weeks will be “Test” weeks. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays we will perform benchmark “test” workouts to be repeated in ~6 months to see our progress. They will also help us to reveal weaknesses in our complete picture of fitness. Do not be afraid to scale or modify these tests, but be thorough when you are recording your results so we can accurately evaluate change. Hold yourself to the standards of the movements demonstrated by your coach to get the best results!

CFPC – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 rounds:

10 Ring rows

10 Kipp swing

10 perfect PVC Back squats

:30-45 sec handstand hold

Spiderman Lunge hold, 1 min/leg

Pigeon stretch, 1 min/leg

PVC Front rack stretch, :30 sec/arm

10 Leg swings/direction


4 min to Warm-up back squats


Back Squat (3 sets of 8 @~70%, rest 3 min)

Strength maintenance weight.

Same weight for all 3 sets.

Not necessarily looking for PRs, just maintaining strength over the next 3 weeks of testing.


Scale pull-ups appropriately. Utilize banded pull-ups or ring rows. Aim to achieve each round of pull-ups in 4 or fewer sets.

Lynchpin Test 1 (Time)

400m Run

“Fran” (75/55#)

400m Run


400m Run

24 min CAP

Fran= 21-15-9



**Be thorough when recording your results, scaling used and how you felt (sleep, diet, hydration).

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