CrossFit 5.4.17


ROMWOD will now be held in place of Yoga on Saturday mornings prior to Community WOD. Start time is 8:45am sharp. We will be finished by 9:15am to allow for enough time before the workout. This class is free of charge to members, $8 for drop-ins. Join us this week for our first class!

CFPC – CrossFit


Everything Warm-up (No Measure)

3 rounds of 10 reps of:

Russian baby-makers (5 per round)

Overhead Squat with PVC

Sit-ups or GHD Sit-ups

Back-extensions or Supermans

Pull-ups or Ring rows

Hand Release Push-ups

Jedi Training

Spend 7 min working on Handstand hold progressions. Options include:

1) Freestanding, 2) Assisted, 3) using band or wall, 4) Headstand, 5) Wall walk and hold, 6) Plank holds

Hold for as long as possible, rest :30+ sec between attempts. Record longest hold and variation used. Today’s focus is on practice, not scoring.

Handstand Hold

Hold a handstand (Rx=freestanding)

for as long as possible

New Section

Return of the Jedi (Time)

6 Rounds:

20 Force Push-ups

12 Blaster Pistols

1 Solo Shuttle run

1 Solo Shuttle run= 15′ down, 15′ back, 30′ down, 30′ back, 45′ down, 45′ back, 60′ down, 60′ back, touch with both hands on the ground behind the line on each turn
Pistols can be modified with bands across rig, one leg squats on edge of box or Bulgarian split squats. Modify pistol angle as needed to complete full range of motion.

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