CrossFit 11.11.16

CFPC – CrossFit



Everything Warm-up (No Measure)

3 rounds of 10 reps of:

Spiderman Lunge (20 sec/side, 1 time)

Overhead Squat with PVC


Back-extensions or Supermans

Pull-ups or Ring rows

Hand Release Push-ups
3 sets of:

10 Banded face pulls

10 Band pull aparts

10 Close grip kipp swings


2 min Goblet squat hold

Banded front rack mobility, :90 sec per arm

1 min ankle stretch/leg (chest pressed on thigh, heel flat on ground)

Sean (Time)

10 Rounds for Time of:

11 Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups

22 Front Squats, 75#
In honor of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Sean M. Flannery, 29, of Wyomissing, PA, was killed on November 22, 2010
To learn more about Sean click here
Scale chest to bar: 1) Regular pull-ups (no bands), 2) Jumping chest to bar, 3) Banded pull-ups, 4) Jumping pull-ups

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