CrossFit 10.25.16

CFPC – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

400m Jog


2 rounds:

10 Banded face pulls

30-45 sec handstand hold

30-45 sec active bar hang

10-15 push-ups

10 Band pull-aparts

10 PVC Pass throughs

:45 sec of Arm circles, big to small, forward and backward


Perform (A1) False grip muscle up progression drills OR (A2) Weighted pull-up variations AND (B) weighted dip variation

A1- False grip Muscle-up progression

1) False Grip hold

2) False Grip hang from bar->rings

3) False grip strict pull-up

4) False grip strict pull-up to sternum

5) Turnover, bring chest through with “fast sit-up”


A2- Weighted Pull-ups, 5 x 3, Superset with Dips, rest as needed

1) Weighted

2) Strict

3) Blue or red band strict

4) 3, 3-5 second negatives, band assisted if necessary


B- Weighted Dips, 5 x 3, AHAP

1) Rings w/ weight

2) Strict on rings

3) Weighted on bar

4) Strict on bar

5) Weighted or Non-weighted full range push-ups

6) Box dips

A2: Weighted Pull-ups (5 x 3, AHAP)

B: Weighted Dips (5 x 3, AHAP)


Metcon (Time)

9 min CAP



Ring dips

Scaling; Pull-ups- light bands (strict), jumping pull-ups

Dips- Bar dips, light bands, jumping ring dips, box dips

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