CrossFit 10.24.17


Orders for new jackets and pull-overs will be placed next Monday (Oct. 30th). If you would like to place an order you have several options for color of either design and will have the opportunity to select a size as well to guarantee yourself that option. Please place orders through the link that was sent to your email, through the post on our Facebook page, or send Reid an email to have the link re-sent to you: [email protected]. Thanks!!!

CFPC – CrossFit


Down and Backs 3.0 (No Measure)

1a) Lunge stretch

1b) 5 inch-worms, 3 push-ups

2a) High knees

2b) Butt kicks

3a) High kick+toe touch

3b) High skips

4a) Pivot squats

4b) HS walk 25’+ or Bear crawl 50′

5) Lateral jumps, each side

6a) Spiderman lunge

6b) Burpee broad jumps


Metcon (Time)

5 rounds:

90′ DB weighted lunges (50/35# dbs)

15-30-45′ Shuttle run

Lunge steps must begin behind start line and finish PAST the 90′ line.

Shuttle is performed by running 15 feet, touching beyond the line with both hands, 180ยบ turn, back to the start and touch both hands beyond the start line, turn, 30′ touch, turn start line touch, turn, 45′ touch, turn start line touch, 30′ touch, start line, 15′ touch, run through the start line.