Summer “Athlete Course” at CFPC!

Announcing: CrossFit Panther City Athlete Course

Summer 2017 (June 5th-July 28th)

8 Week Course; Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays- 2:30-4:00pm

Options of 8, 12, 16, or 24 classes

Led and programmed by experienced College/Professional athlete and CrossFit competitor 

We would like to officially announce our first ever Athlete Training program! This athlete course is designed for junior high and high school athletes and students to stay in shape during the off season of summer. Our program will consist of Strength training, Conditioning work, Flexibility, Agility, Coordination, and Balance. You can expect your athlete to maintain and increase muscle mass, and flexibility (both contributing to reduced likelihood of injury), practicing balance and coordination to strengthen neurological and muscular communication, and adapting strength and speed training in agility drills and exercises. This is a great supplement to sports specific training to maintain skills throughout the summer/off season. Enroll now for our limited course to get a leg up on the competition (and your teammates!).

Please contact [email protected] for information on sign-up, pricing, and any additional questions.

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