2024 CrossFit Games

Looking for a place to train during your visit to Fort Worth for the 2024 CrossFit Games?

We will have many exciting events scheduled for the week, check our social media as the Games approach for all the details!

Teams looking to train and prepare for the Games as the competition approaches; we have many of the essential items you’ll need to dominate the upcoming events.

Please contact us with any other inquiries regarding equipment and space availability.

*Outside training space available with large fans and shade.

Additional amenities:
* Showers
* Kids play room
* Coffee bar
* Air conditioning

Conveniently located adjacent to grocery store as well.

Our Equipment:

  • 15’+ climbing ropes, x2
  • Rogue Push/drag sleds, x2
    • Carpet sleds for pulling, x4
  • Rogue Sandbags
    • 2×100#
    • 1×125#
    • 1×150#
    • 3×200#
    • 1×250#
  • Rogue Echo Bike, x5
  • Concept 2 Rower, x6
  • Rogue Kbs ranging from 18-88#
    • 4×70#
    • 2×88#

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